Sunday, March 15, 2009

Do I have any special nutrition needs now that I am pregnant?

Do I have any special nutrition needs
now that I am pregnant?
Yes. During pregnancy, you and your growing baby
need more of several nutrients . By eating the recom-
mended number of daily servings from each of the
five food groups, you should get most of the nutrients
you need .
Be sure to include foods high in folate, such as or-
ange juice, strawberries, spinach, broc-
coli, beans, and fortified breads
and breakfast cereals . Or get
it in a vitamin/mineral supple-
ment .
To help prevent birth defects, you must get enough
daily folate before as well as during pregnancy .
Prenatal supplements contain folic acid (another form
of folate) . Look for a supplement that has at least 400
micrograms (0 .4 milligrams) of folic acid .
Although most health care providers recommend
taking a multi-vitamin/mineral “prenatal” supple-
ment before becoming pregnant, during pregnan-
cy, and while breastfeeding, always talk to your
health care provider before taking any supple-

Can I continue to
follow my vegetarian
diet during
Yes, you can continue a
vegetarian eating plan during
pregnancy, but talk to your
health care provider first .
To make sure you are getting
enough important nutrients,
including protein, iron, vita-
min B12, and vitamin D, your
health care provider may ask
you to meet with a registered
dietitian who can help you
plan meals, and may also
recommend that you take

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