Thursday, October 8, 2009


FREE SMS AND FREE PHONE CALLS can be sent by many ways..the best possible way to send FREE SMS FREE OF COST is through the internet.
it is as simple as anything..
just sign up for FREE OF COST..
confirm the sms sent by them..
thats it..

how they provide FREE SMS?

its simple ya..

they employ 2 methods to SEND FREE SMS

1.along with ur FREE SMS they include an ad for which they get money from the the sms which contains
160 characters is split into 80 for UR FREE SMS and the remaining for the ad...

2.daily they send ads as SMS to you and for every ad u read, u recieve credits which can be seen in ur account..and
u can send sms using that credit..

now i think sending FREE SMS is as clean as a whistle ....

is there any other way to send FREE SMS?

yes..its the most traditional method..recharge ur prepaid mobile with booster(rs.30 -rs.60) and enjoy FREE SMS(?)..

i think its better to send FREE SMS using the former method without any limitations..